pulp clouds:
this summer i will be teaching at several venues
daylily paper, case paper, stationer's binding
my news is that the amazing nancy zeller 
inspired by milkweed and clouds of pulp
has asked me to teach at long ridge farm.
here's the blurb:
it's going to be a grand time!
do join us 

"Pulp Clouds: Hand Papermaking"  August 3-5(3 days), 2012  Instructor: Velma Bolyard
Handmade papers from locally sourced plants provide a connection to place that is profound. Utilizing those papers in your own work as substrate, structure, or design element furthers that connection. Join us making paper at Long Ridge Farm in August where we will gather plants, cook pulp, form and dry sheets of your own papers. Expect to make strong, useable, and beautiful waterleaf (un-sized) sheets.We will each make a book from our papers, binding sheets into sample books utilizing structures that allow us to explore bookbinding as well. Each participant may expect to make a portfolio of sheets of various sizes from at least five different plants. Pulp combinations result in endless variations as we experiment. There will be a surprise or three as we move through our days, culminating in making a book that reflects your time here. You will leave with the ability to make paper, thorough haptic understanding of the necessary steps, and the ability to tailor papermaking to your home studio (even if that is your porch).
there will be some exploration,
some discoveries 
and some play with
slippery elm,
and a few more
we will make pulp, color, and,
well, you'll have to come.
i'm really looking forward to learning this landscape
through fiber.
bloodroot on lokta paper and
sugar maple
braided slippery elm