books scattered about

 my current journal
 a page spread from it
 this amazing artist, junko oki, sent me this
 here's a page spread from
(which i anglicized mistakenly to posey)
 here's the book
 karen kunc
 my book actias luna and aimee's bright moon shining
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and here are a few more 
photos to entice you.
 jody williams
 tim ely
 alisa golden
 jan owen
 beata wehr
i LOVE this book!
and the next two
but then i can find work 
on every page
that moves me. 
 hedi kyle
there is such variety here
i keep finding new work 
from artists i respect.
(i won't photograph every page, 
you must see for yourself)
sandra salamony and
peter and donna thomas did a fine job.