a nifty library

so yesterday was hannah's
orientation at syracuse university's bird libraary 
special collections
peter verheyan gave us a tour, fed us
and off they toodled, and
off i tootled
 i love how the old paper sucks up ink
and the desire unerstand
the natural world
is with us still
(and we still understand so little)
 vovelles are my favorite parts
of kinesthetic books
 see how this on sits on the page
 with a tiny bit of added yellow pigment
 and there was this small psalter
with an amazing illuminated letter
 on vellum
 see how it rests in the interior
 then there were these funny birds
after a tasty lunch
good conversation with 
six people who love books as objects
as well as their bookness,
i spent time with this stack of books.
 look at those lines,
the gold leaf
and below the green pigment
hannah starts work in a week or so.
go to see the power & the piety
the world of medieval and renaissance europe
at the 
special collections research library
a little jewel of an exhibit.