one week, summer teaching

 i have one week until i get on a big airplane
and begin the 27 hour trip to australia.
i've been organizing.
 in melbourne i will be teaching in the ecotone,
which is my sneaky way of saying the
edge, the place between, where worlds collide and flourish,
where i make things, learn things, and ultimately
live, because no other place will suit me.
 these two photos of paper thread
show a comparison of spinninglokta, 
different fiber treatments.
 as i've been prepping to pack
i keep finding examples
 even wrapping paper will suit
if it works right, feels right, has integrity,
and sometimes even the most likely paper will
decidedly NOT work.
 wendy observes all
and sleeps more than i ever thought possible
she's a little arthritic, too
and its possible that i will return home to an empty
dog bed. she's in good hands while i travel.
these two skeins (from above) will make the journey
from canton to ottawa to melbourne.
 this is my summer teaching schedule:
papermaking from indigenous plants
i would love to meet you
at either of these events.
shifu making will include dyeing and mark making,
as well as spinning and weaving paper,
and textile techniques for book making.
papermaking will teach you 
how to do the whole process,
from plants in your ecosystem,
and make a sample book.