walk and a morality tale

 last night 
 a hole in the sky appeared
 and three kittens and their mom
fell through
 the sunset kept to itself
 as usual,
but performed a magnificent dance
and a doe observed
this is how it went:
"i don't like to kill a cat" he said
gesturing toward his standardbred
"my horse might die."
a profoundly buddhist statement by a young amish man
who dumped a mama cat and her babes
in the meadow near the roadside.
with apologetic smile he tried to explain:
"the farmer i work for don't like cats"
i was angry, left with a dilemma not of my making 
what to do with four cats?
i mean, i'm going to australia tomorrow!
he had dumped them, pulled off, and came back, to explain to me. 
"i don't like to kill a cat"
his employer, 
a man i can't respect
put this young man in this position. 
the farmer could have taken these cats to the shelter
(he knows about shelters, the amish man doesn't) 
or tried to find homes.
"i don't like to kill a cat" he said
but he picked them back up 
and drove off, 
to find an ethical solution.