respite at warwick press

 sometimes things just get richer.
after long ridge papermaking
 i visited my dear friend carol blinn
behind the red door 
 i was in such a tizzy
taking blurry pictures in the shop
carol does much work these days
on her mac
so the presses have been a bit quiet
 jane, not forgotten
 i love puzzling out these messages
 i remember
carol sending me her card
with this wonderful daisy
carol loves birds, 
having a particular proclivity for pekin 
i first bought her 
once upon a time book two
and fell in love with the duck tales
and then more and more stories.
and something new to me:
paste paper. 
 i sat and looked and looked and looked
while she did real work
 treasures everywhere to spy.
winding down from teaching 
with stories 
of paper and dye and books and folks we love.
i knew
(from past experience)
there might be whales
between montpelier and burlington
and sure enough
i spotted them.