walking ecotone

five walks in two days
 the first walk was near the neighbors
 and much, much later this sky
 and between, a monarch
 trapeezed about
 and then i walked out back
through chin high goldenrod
and vicious raspberries
 into the woods, where quiet ferns waited
fooling feet into confidence
(those hidden rocks 
making jokes)
 there was a tiny scrap of text
 and the stream was jungle overgrown and almost disappeared
 even the upper pond was low
 and this caller
screeched about me, maybe, or the coyote i heard bark.
do you know this bird?
there were two
too far for my tiny camera.
 and three gifts i brought home
and tonight's walk
wendy and me (two walks in two days!)
saw this moon coming up
and when home again home again
i heard a white throated sparrow,
a woods friend in the ecotone.