flax cover

 i love how flax
is so strong,
 as fiber for rope, for thread, for fabric
but also for paper.
flax paper, 
not linen rag paper
but raw flax.
beaten and pulled by those papermakers who have "umph"
extra "umph" because this pulp has
personality, character, and
makes strong covers, 
perfect for decorative longstitch bindings.
 my first book with ecoprinted pages
6" x 8" x 1" 
32 ecodyed cotton pages, 4 signatures, flax cover  
spine sewn with waxed linen, 
a keith smith variation.
endpapers of lokta, spine lining of thistledown paper
(there's a thistledown moon, and a tiny kozo mend, too).
meant to be used however you wish
drawing in ink would be wonderful
this one's for sale
$125.00. postage paid in the u.s.
email me, vdbolyard at gmail dot com,
if you're interested.