paper and wax and friends

 so i took that bit of spun paper
 and labeled it so i remember 
i'm good at remembering things with my hands, my heart,
but not so much things like numbers, birthdays, holy days. 
i've forgotten my birthday many times.
 so it doesn't bother me
when ever things arrive
 ronnie sent a little zine.
she has kept a year of book art sundays
an amazing year
 hannah tried to go back to maine today
the snow gods hinted it wasn't so smart
 she headed out and i got busy:
in the spirit of cleaning up/out for new year
i collect the beeswax leavings from
the only candles i like
six little ones
 one very wide one
and shifu, waxed.
trace makes wax work look so easy
so does laura.
(and others, these artists are on my walls)
me, not so much.
and then hannah came back, she'll try tomorrow.
joanne kaar, a papermaker, a friend
just completed a cabinet of curiosities of sorts,
an homage to baker and botanist robert dick.
and she is internet friends with another reader here, faisal.
who sent her a book.