friday thoughts in snow

 that damn porcupine has been feasting
on my one big white pine
 and you won't believe 
how hard it is to follow it
back to where the tracks
become a confusion
a vanishing
a something i don't understand.
i wish it wouldn't.
 a nice big snow storm here
an elder dog prefers not to forge through 
(not many leaps left)
i hope there will be skiing tomorrow
after i shovel or plow out.
the house is creaking 
as the wind becomes
a bit more serious.
that pink comes from
a cold dyebath 
with lemon zinger in it.
and the ball of lokta is very tough.
the cloth is harem or strong cheese cloth,
with globes of its own.
 during clean up 
a few moons
have surfaced, and a few
are missing.
and a few prints,
a surprise, 
a happy surprise collaboration
from aimee
how textile
and paper
and print
i like this very much!