book bazaar

journal, monday.
saturday morning i drove to portland maine 
i met hannah,
walked around a nifty city,
and the next day i set up shop at the university of southern maine.
i saw great old friends 
and met new ones
and sold lots of paper and books and...
there were lots and lots of people looking and touching and talking
so much enthusiasm for 
the world of paper and books!
as my co-worker says,
these are my peeps!
thank you for introducing yourselves
for making me feel good about my work
for seeing the work for what it is.
maybe even better than a gallery space because you GET it!
driving to maine and back within 40 hours
was an accomplishment!
but it was absolutely worth it.
thank you rebecca goodale for organizing this.
and thank you, my friends,
who bought my work and/or liked what i'm doing.
that matters so much! 
there were conversations i wish i could have 
had more time to indulge in.