back in the saddle

after the morgan class of 14
i was asked to do a private class of 7
and the pace was as busy,
but it's a different sort of business
lokta shifu
 making stump looms
 two more on the back porch
 an ingenious method of storing the loom and the yarn 
in a cigar box
which is also the loom!
thank you rebecca!
 small looms and large
 and then there was daisy
a very large girl who
 when pam wasn't looking
did a bit of freeloading
 the top of the cigar box
 slicing messages
 the group and daisy
 and the obligatory teacher in the picture
holding the cigar box loom
 morning walks are
 so very interesting
 i monitor the bluebirds
they monitor me 
 the moon is unconcerned
and the cows lick
each other