it IS hot, and humid

what was i thinking when
i wrote a friend today:
it's hot, but thankfully not humid.
it IS hot AND humid!
 this was the ecoprinting
that resulted from
a prunus shrub and st john's wort
amazing bits of blue and green
 the neighbor got a few bales in so far
 i walked before sunrise and oh,
how i miss my best friend
 life is lonely without wendy
i notice it now so much.
 yesterday i spotted a brilliance
lapis flashing quick! quick! quick!
so just after the sun rose
i waited by the box
where they are nesting.
waiting and watching me
who was across the road
inside a bush
my neighbors all know
that i do some odd things.
lurking in the front yard
camera in hand
before the farm machinery start up
yep. it's me.
grand news!
i heard from susan byrd today
(sort of perfect for a woman who
 started her day with an eastern bluebird family)
that her book on shifu
has been announced (i knew it was at the publisher)