second day

we repeated day one, in more depth.
papermaking with flax and abaca
ecoprinting from ohio
with a little help from northern new york
large pots allow for better results on large paper
many delicate greens
indigo experiment to see if there would be
any transfer
there were no prints, nor overdyeing
the morgan alleyway is a good worksite
rinse buckets full of magical rainwater.
on to a two day shifu class
and then home.
there's a clunk in my right front tire that i need to have looked at.
almost new car. new tires, low mileage. sigh.
but we had 14 engaged students who, i think,
learned heaps.
several came from far away, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio and MAINE!
aimee beats me, though, she had a student from
eastern europe. 
i have been staying in
a magic box of wonders.
tom, i found the frog.
it's now in the dining room
hanging out on a lady.