august begins

 two white tails
 young and funny, 
but smart enough to avoid cars
 two moons in the hollyhock dye
 a moon is a veil for jude
 so many
birds and beasts
 nature is abundant here
some of the big swallow family 
the bluebirds are done nesting
 i made a moon in yogurt protein
on my linen rag paper
from old sheets from mardee
 that linen paper has aged very well
it's several years old now
 and i worked them a bit after dip dyeing
 i dyed fibers in skeins, too
paper, silk, cotton/silk, paper/silk
 all are soft purple
the arches are a sad gray
 the dye was black hollyhock blossoms
frozen two summers ago
and later a little vinegar added.
young redtail hawk
i would NOT like to encounter
those feet up close.
the end of a week of good work, 
(when i'm not cleaning out closets)