field notes

 this summer i have met
a handful, a rather large handful,
of marvelous people
 one of these
 sent me a wonderful momento
that includes dear aimee, too
 a gifted vellum piece
that will become another of the hortus siccus books
 and while walking
three bees
involved in something i don't understand
 a road killed flicker
i moved off the road.
 a failed family
at the new place
 morning dew/fog
 another one soaking up heat from the tarmac, 
but i moved 
so it would be chilly in the cool wet grass
but alive
 late august morning
 such beauty
 leaves gathered here
sugar maple sustains in so many ways
and this small leaf
both showing 
autumn's touch.
labor day weekend. 
hannah's birthday.
the end of summer.