more from maine

i really enjoyed
the northeast harbor library
i spent all day saturday there.
 the maine room had this treasure
hidden in the stacks
 with beautifully letterpress 
 printed words
and even more beautiful garden prints
 and this small one
 and this-- 
and more.
 and i got to page through this book!
 so amazing
 a cross, in a way
 between two other book artists that i stand in awe of:
 timothy ely 
william blake
 my eyes would go fuzzy
and then i'd go back to the book
 and this reminds me of rima staines.
who was trained 
as a book artist.
 and maybe a botanical artist or two.
 here are a few of his words
 and a few more
maybe carol barton.
and these last two
which so amaze me.
i'm home again, with more pictures 
for another day.
i promise.