perspective, focus, and weariness

 following this ragged trail of september
an ecotone called illness
 has me thinking about looking
and focus
looking in or at
not being in 
framing experience and telling the story
 has everything to do 
with focus
 and so last night
i went for the first walk in days and days
 it felt just right
sparkling in newness
 saturated in familiarity
 it's all in how you see it
how you be in it
 as the light
following the sun's lead
began to fade
 i found a rosy blessing over the meadow
painted a few high leaves, even
something to reassure and hold.
my sister, bless her, checked herself out of the hospital
after a second noisy roommate 
rudely arrived.
she's home with her daughter helping.
wild tales of the plucky bolyard gals,
a trip out of the big floods on the big thompson,
the intricacies of modern medicine
and some time at home to heal.
thank you for your thoughts, prayings, helps,
i've passed them all on.
(this has all been difficult because 
it's the beginning of school and newnesses all around,
and we both work with high schoolers.)