books and play

susan's book
 i can barely wait until i have
this book in my hands
(i did get to read it electronically)
lucky me!
this book came recommended
in a roundabout way from glennis dolce.
and i am so happily reading, savoring each page
every page has wisdom, and is framing experience for me.
i've found that dr. kimmerer is a neighbor (almost) 
her ted talk spoke to my heart.
she brings students to cranberry lake, 
each summer. 
cranberry lake is where my son first swam, 
and where i discovered a book in their tiny library
about something called designer bookbinding.
and then i met sally smith, who spent summers there
and winters in london teaching bookbinding.
she was my first binding teacher.
circles, connections, and love.
 fetching the mail i found this little one
the chickadees love the ditch there
right by the raod
 on my new path home
 more path treasures
 and i was playing 
with shadows
and sunset
and leaves
we country folk have 
a need for amusement--
books and walks serve me well.
students this year have healthy funny bones 
and leave behind
so do other home today
  i found three stashes
this one in a towel awaiting me by the tub.
there was a very sweet mention
of one of my hortus siccus books
by bryan from when he visited jean.
thank you!