if your birthday
and thanksgiving
and hanukkah
are all the same day
i guess it's ok
to travel to toronto
to spend thanksgiving break away,
avoid buy nothing day
and come home on saturday
visited with two of the most amazing women in the world
aimee and wendy,
eaten a meal with paper people*
visited the ontario college of art and design
met amos kennedy (read his name with gusto and delight)
visited the japanese paper place
and wonderful nancy
eaten delicious soups and pesto
with dandelion and beet greens
walked in a city that's friendly and beautiful
visited soma (read with a sigh)
and looked at inuit art.
that's what i did.
visiting the wendy/velma book
currently holding holy water! 
the prints
(i made one like this) 
amos hard at play 
aimee looking at prints that amos brought
for the ocad book arts fair.
we were a little disappointed that the textile museum
was between exhibitions, 
but we did find a quiet hidey-hole
to strip off some extra winter layers
so aimee could breathe.
and i found some friendly bones.