morning commute

 work days are long lately
but on daylight savings time these mornings
 i get to see
these geese are NOT swimming
they are walking on water--
ice actually.
 a bit further along my route i get to see these beings.
 i love the sunlight on them.
 they're practically lifelike
aflame, even
 and they exist only on amish farms.
where at each end of the day
i see teams of workhorses hitched and tied at the ends of rows
of corn grown against the dearth of winter.
 just outside of the town
where i'm working now
(and teaching a few extra hours)
there was what looked like a pullover of some kind 
(it's usually a car and a call on a cell phone)
it was, however,
a young man driving this hefty team
he was preforming a maneuver 
with the tree and harness.
the horses were getting untangled it looked like.
7:35 this morning.