not a fan

i am definitely not a fan
of daylight savings time.
i go home
later now because of the new school
and a student i tutor
and it will be dark so early.
 so the week we just 
said goodbye to
was full.
 books came to my house:
 but by far
the most special was this one
another by carol blinn
guess what it's about!
 beaver are newly busy
over at the new place
 they get to work and nail the aspens
stealth chewers,
 better than a tupper lake logger.
 this startled me on my walk tonight
 all light and shadow
and edges
 two feed sacks on the
barbed wire
we had a big wind on friday
as the front moved through.
 a textile?
 a fence.
 and the six calves
separated from their mums
came trotting and snorting and asking
for a photo shoot
how could i not oblige?
another edge
in front of my pasture.
autumn today, really chilly
clear, sunny, hat and mittens weather