how the week ended

this pond is ever changing
because of the sky
the snow
the meadow grasses
the ridges that trace its edges
rich ecotones
 these are the new energy
 the new windows
 i helped paint primer this weekend
 i did the piddly bits
crevices and curves
 where the sill will live
(i will point out that smear was not my doing-it's "mud")
 the corn ladies
demure behind their fringe of standing corn
(maybe these singletons are now bound)
 they wore gowns of white for over a week
until it thawed enough
 coyote leaves offal scat
in the road every day.
a trickster with nasty manners
(i well remember my outrage
at coyote
when i read giving birth to thunder, sleeping with his daughter
coyote builds north america
by barry lopez 
back when i lived in kentucky)
the streams run high and fast just now
and no deer parts in plastic bags
have been thrown in.
over at the new place
hopefully, there will be no poaching.