cartographies on lokta
 a copper
making marks on paper
with many instruments
including a turkey beard brush
some plants bits and
this photo makes me smile, too
felicity loving her spindle
 prepping nz flax
 loom prep
jo's hands fly
 stick spinning
 the indefatigable gail stiffe
 president of iapma
 the coven (gail missing to the right, front)
 there she is!
 one of the indigo aunties 
(one of several vats)
was asked for
a piece of sky
 with naomi as tutor
and supervisor
 iowa case paper and indigo
 compiling signatures
 into a stationers binding
 each text block found its own home
 and shifu went to to live
on pages where it belonged 
 some sections were bundled until they were sewn
 some folks brought favorite treasures
to sew to paper substrate
 a few surprises appeared from the layers
crayon, graphite, resists, magic solutions, ink
that we built
 i think the class had
japanese screw punch envy
 a palette from our class
(OH! and 
 trace willans 
joined us on monday!)
 gifts were shared 
brought by students for all 
 or for me
 gifts from friends like barry and fiona
are lovely treats,
after an evening of conversation they will remind…
but gifts from students
 move me to tears.
they have gifted me 
with their attention and trust.
 and bring me joy.
(fiona's letters…i love these)
and a last gift:
roz showed up 
made lord only knows what effort
to stop in at beuatiful silks
to say hello.
next a few days of making and shopping
and then off to the grampians
for another australian adventure!