here in melbourne

 before i left the north country
 we were waiting for
 or just enduring more
today, my second day in melbourne
i am wearing shorts and sandals
my legs protesting and very pinky pale
and my mind a bit weird
from jetlag.
 leaving ottawa
 and the great white north
 i traveled
 to the big chicago
 over lake michigan
 and again into the air to the city
las angeles
for a ridiculous nine hour layover
 i did find a spot of grass and some trees
(amidst dreadful cacaphony)
 and a plane headed to china
 this is my first siting some 15 plus hours later
of australia
 enveloped in a haze of smoke
 from extensive wildfires.
when we landed i could smell it--
 and in melbourne there was
the little shop of horrors
 or flowers
back at the ranch
 the indigo was beaten
 by the strong arms of
 who cares for this stew 
of blue
and, incidentally, me, too!
 outside beautiful silks
where i'm teaching
 are some things i like very much
old texts, and in the sky