ok, i know i've been spoiled rotten by summertime in australia.
but geesh!
snow and snow and cold and cold.
you should see the end of my driveway!
and the kitchen cold water is frozen.
and i still don't have a camera replacement.
i got one--too big--
i got a second--
too fancy--
and today i ordered one almost just like my old
plain old
the kicker?
it's cheaper! and RED!!!
 so here, trace, is my photo
taken by YOU!
which proves that i do not always break cameras and 
that my good friends put up with me
 as i look at the melbourne now exhibit.
i can say 
in all honesty
that australians are among
the finest, friendliest people i've met.
and the north country, dear place,
it's time to warm up
just a tiny bit.