tuesday morning 
i heard the same robin sing
a distinctive voice
for sure, this one.
 turkey tracks and wiggly sign
over on the hill
 trace a way
 through march snowpack
 and then i saw not one
but five robins
 by the time i struggled to get
my NEW camera out
 they were on to me.
turkey left a down-shafted feather
 and a card came 
a bit late to welcome me home from oz
and it did, smile.
 a phone call from a friend
a batch of prints to tend
and then a strange sound from the little front porch
and on my window
a young and foolish racoon
 caught spraddled on the  window
apparently trying to find
a way up the glass
i made a hullabaloo
because i don't want 
(hear that furry guys?!)
any rodents or small
furred guys 
too close.