winter to summer and back again

the last class was exciting
going deep
four days
13 humans
and blue fairy wrens
(among other feathered beings)
 i love the variety 
 of needle books
my students had.
did i say i had 14 students in the two day class
12 in the four day class
and we worked.
 we made and made and made
 we shared
 we built
 we discovered how a few crinkles
can enhance the dullest of papers.
 these folks kept saying "why not?"
and making my predictions
dust and ashes.
oh, i learned so much! 
 proving my predictions wrong
 some came despite
difficult circumstances--
 there were stories
toilets and firearms and other things
 some folks just took off
like sky writers,
you know,
those pilots who write letters
across the blue heavens.
 many, many books were made
 new spinners fell in love
with paper,
kozo and lokta
 and some book artists 
combined their learning from class one
with our class.
when natural dye pots were unavailable
we decided to make a few ecoprints instead.
when one said the red was colorfast
she was right
 and then,
my beautiful little canon
spurted from my pocket
into the rinse bucket.
so there are no more photos.
as a few come into my inbox
i will share them.
let me tell you this:
four days is entirely enough
to really get somewhere
with paper and shifu and books.
we ended with stationers bindings in classes one and three.
and they were all amazing.
if i could hand pick students, 
you would be the exact ones for me.
it was amazing,
toilet jokes and all.
a few more stories
may come along
as i try to get my brain
wrapped around back to school
and a dentist appointment
and then income tax forms.