leaving early

april fool's day
 i left school a wee bit early
to have my broken tooth seen to
 for the second time in two days
(the temporary filling having proved
too temporary)
my dentist is very good!
this subaru wore a coat
of sticky note armor
i happen to know the owner
but not the story behind this blatant display
of student approval.
HCS: our small-town school.
 and the snow piles that were over my head
 were melting
those tiny sparkles
are melt drops.
 melting into mud season
 some strange pathways
but spring is definitely here
 the last full pot
before the book arts bazaar in portland 
this sunday.
 and some results
 color in winter
is visual relief
from the vast white
which is becoming vast slush
before vast mud.
in other news
besides my pesky tooth
by myself last night
with a nice return this year.
for a change.