weekend in maine

 and so
i went to maine
for the book arts bazaar 
at the
university of southern maine
 but before the fair
which was sunday
 my amazing and beautiful daughter
 and i had a play day
in the big city
which also happens
to have some wonderful waterfront
we ate and walked and talked and even napped(!)
we visited the portland art museum,
south street linen
a wonderful restaurant
where we feasted with a brunch
and a mimosa (my first!)
 out the window at the museum
we watched a peculiar cyclist
 it was really grand to see
all the "stuff" of a city
with a big arts emphasis
 even the signs
in the coffee shop were cool!
there was a difficult part 
when my car wouldn't start
and bill came to fix it
and left me with a plan for making it home 
safe and sound 
and i did just that, albeit a bit nervously.
(those nerves kept me wide awake
after a late start to a long trip)
and then there was the bazaar.
but some things to remember: 
susan gaylord who makes the spirit books
nancy leavitt the amazing calligrapher
our host rebecca goodale
who is documenting maine's endangered ones.
in her wonderful books.
previous students checking in (and hugs all around!)
merike van zanten and shanna leino and deborah howe
david wolfe and oodles of others
but it was so very very VERY
crazy busy!!!
there was merike's book…
shanna's treasure of tools…
papermakers with their stacks and stacks
letterpress printers, printmakers, and students, too
something i treasure in all of that bus-y-ness
besides all the wonderful people who liked my work
and purchased my work 
was the amazing luna moth book.
i will wait until the maker 
(ok, you know who you are!)
sends me a photo 
so i can share it with you.
when another artist honors you
by using the work you make 
in theirs
a wonderful circle is completed
and a new level reached.
so someday, my papers may be honored
by a few more makers
who purchased from me,
and i hope to be in maine again, soon!