it's been an odd and exhausting week
prom season here amongst the hormones
of high school
 i want to watch these
but was compelled to spend 
hours explaining myself: 
(email better than phone)
so i would escape outside to walk,
where i spotted black flies.
 i am finding some lovely things
to help with the next few prints,
 like frogspawn on sticks
hardened and browned
but not like at all, really.
there have been two dead turtles already
on the roadsides.
 there was a horrible time with a woodchuck,
too, but aimee was there.
 today i got lovely mail
 carol's new card
makes me so happy
 it's just a word
says wise aimee
who sent an envelope of love
 blues and cut outs
 and lovely juxtapositions
and a note from gabby-
so after this week, a
week fraught with pressures and personalities
endless writing for work work
writing for art work
and today i picked up four prom dresses
for students...
shopped for the classroom
survived walmart.
first thing tomorrow:
another meeting, then school, then the blessing of