light this spring

one of the things
that keeps startling me this spring
is the light
 it's everywhere!
i'd forgotten.
(last winter was serious business.)
light plays reflection games
 near and far
 so do the geese
 and a tiny primitive painting 
 displayed at the deli
 near school
others are watching the ladies, too,
not just me.
 and besides the mouse trouble here
(caught this morning, yay!)
there is chipmunk trouble!
 some people plant themselves
where they're welcome--
i think--they may not be bluebirds--
 and on the way home the geese
 seem to be pairing up and prepping
for some goslings.
i'm decidedly not a foodie
but i like to eat.
i used to have a wee flock of 
dairy goats
and made cheese and milked daily and
even sold a bit.
i like the idea of being able 
to eat from your place
just the way i know the land where i live
the plants mostly.
i love my hortus siccus that continues
as i explore the wild garden called home.
kathleen rose smith's book 
is something i'm enjoying.
it feels good in my hands. i love it when
machine made books feel right in my hands.
there have been some little snippets of news:
i'm going to be a student again,
taking a class with someone i've long admired:
dorothy caldwell!
just think: tim ely AND dorothy caldwell in one season!
i will be adding two teaching gigs to my list
one near algonquin park this summer
another for university students
early next spring.