spring gallops, horseless

 they're still making 
tiny collections
there were two of these, 
two days in a row,
two different shoes.
the first one was QUITE a surprise
at 7 a.m.
my foot exited the shoe 
lightning quick, 
glad mousy had gone away.
 i found another rock book
 which is a lot like 
one of the old, big ones
 we're having rain and rain and rain
some of which i drove through
yesterday and today
while i went to syracuse
 and back
in order to get a new computer
 because the old is slowing  
and the spinning wheel of death
made too frequent appearances.
 i completed my sketch book
fixed the mistakes
and will begin to use it.
thanks to tim ely
my mind is playing games
around pictures and ideas and books and
 while the spring wrestles 
 high water and flooding
 create wonderful plays
layers of color
red osier dogwood
 and then the fence lines
make their arbitrary
between space and time
light and darkness.
this changing
leaving a bit more green
after every shower.