wake robin

here it is!
spring ~ trillium ~ wake robin
many white ones, and few reds
commonly called stink pots
 my favorite of the neighbor clydesdales
the old ford
 downerville or donnerville
depends on which side you're on!
 wake robins at donnerville
 before the new leaves
that are clogging up
our view!
 everything's all about survival
and that pesky mouse returned
 valerie asked about the corn ladies
here they are 
on their way to the barn
where they will provide feed
for the duration.
 spring work:
plowing after taking 
the ladies home.
our amish neighbors show us
thrift and industry,
home economics,
but also a slower way.
to see the spring.
i strive for something betwixt
to dive down deeper
to plant my dreaming deep
(with apologies to may sarton).