humans persist

 roxanne was a high energy
and experimental 
table mate. she worked in hot pink
to push herself.
 dorothy considering our
"blind" stitching
 out my window
at the place i was staying
appaloosa sky
 considering kantha
 batik discharge
spun by therese
brought for me to see
 her sweet spindle
 something holy
 something old
 something borrowed and blue
 betsy's marks are formed
of fire and light

 graphic delight
 workshop hands
made things with string
dorothy made string
to document place
 and i kept sky watching
while filling up my car, 
for example
 patterning under my feet.
 a simple 
little structure
suitable for kids and smaller sampling
sorts of books,
textile sensibility/
some of our small books
with that nifty easy binding
betsy's little book
on a spiraled pie basket
that held betsy's wool,
so, this kind of class makes you think and try things unlike
the same old same old
but the women students were grand in this group.
hearts of diamonds and rust,
meeting and knowing one another,
in 5 days you can dig
a bit deeper, 
in your own work and support each other.
we all wanted to keep going.
we will,
just not at longridge farm
or with dorothy caldwell,
both of whom we will miss most dreadfully.
i am making marks with a certain 
difference, now.