at longridge
everyone brought things to look at.
betsy brought two boro kimonos, simple, beautiful
 some of her marks 
become light windows
 dorothy had kanthas for us
to see
my favorites were a wonderful
amalgam of old technique and modern story
this is a sampler
 and these are thread
and string
some mark place and time
others stitch books together
 in st albans i drove past white foam all over the curbs!
popples (as they say around here) just shedding 
their seeds
cottonwood relatives
 in just a few moments 
i gathered a bag.
cleaning up the community
while acquiring some quantity
of fiber to experiment with.
 a basket from
jamin uticone
at swamp road baskets
 holds one of my samplers from
human mark making
 can you see his heart?
i have a serious love of these
black ash baskets
beautifully made, 
meant for a lifetime
arbor vitae shingles
cut by local folks
is icing the cake
still more, but it's beginning to look
like a home.
after studying with 
a vibrant group of learners
under the thoughtful direction
of a master teacher
the stuff of home is rich.
one more half day of school.
then my summer work commences:
paper, fiber, book, textile
 through the islands
 eagle? osprey?
i stayed in putney
where the local library
has words