happening busy

happening busy:
my sister had her shoulder replaced
meanwhile another health issue flared,
so a quick stay in hospital has become longer.
my amazing nephew visited to help his mum.
while the surgeon worked magic,
i got to spend hours talking, walking, eating and
playing catch up,
realizing how much i love this guy.
now we wait until she is ready.

november song, both copies,
have new homes, 
on different sides of the earth.
it is exceedingly wonderful
to sell important and good work.

work is being prepared for the eastern paper exhibition 
at the morgan.

other coptic books in the hortus siccus project 
are paginated, and waiting to be sewn.
these have special owners, 
and then a few
will be offered for sale.

messy old garage is 3/4 done with it's clean-up.

the new place progresses slowly, but it progresses.

cleveland classes are prepped
and i have been asked to teach two more,
one in my beloved maine,
another in ontario.

my work-work class is staying in the lovely school
i've come to like being a part of.
after years of an alternative site.
yay to all the news.

and in my heart
i have loved working more deeply.
thanks to dorothy's push.

i think i haven't touched my camera in several days.
but if i find i have, 
i will come back and post some photos.
whirlwind times.