here in cleveland

being back in cleveland is grand.
i grew up on one end of a great lake 
by the niagara river, so this sort of place
feels very familiar.
cleveland is not far from my original home,
upriver from niagara falls.
so it's grand.
and aimee is here and so are the morganites.
our weekend eco/contact print class was amazing.
very high level of skill and commitment.
and i got to see melissa!
 bill wrapped several bundles in leaves
and brought fresh home grown indigo to share
we had some interesting results
and it's delightful to 
have indigo to play with.
 margaret experimented with folds
and cecile's hands holding her favorite squares
her hands know so much!
with charity (one of aimee's interns) in the background.
she blogged about our workshop here.
 the studio where i stay
is a cabinet of curiosities
i said hello to the drum
 and to the crazy thing
out the window 
old industrial + green looks fine
 and aimee in the paper mill
you can see the hanji vat just behind her left knee
draped in felts!
on thursday we begin our four day,