interdependence day

the sky teaches you things.
i was walking 
looking and taking some photos
and i wasn't seeing very well, 
you know,
it's hard without a viewfinder...
and i took the sky pictures
because they were amazing and THEN
THEN i saw that pink.
in the last few days a gray fox 
showed her face as she whisked behind the garage
paused before stepping into the overgrown 
low meadow, 
she looked at me measuring.
and then moved on.
i've seen her across the road,
moving through,
she's big and healthy.
a few days before there was a doe
standing directly in front of the back stoop. she 
she looked and looked
and then walked on.
and the day before i found coyote scat in my front yard.
the wild things are convening.
 in my bathtub
 another chipmunk relocation
this makes
 maybe 10 this year-
someone who flew too low over my road.
exuberant lushness of midsummer
reminds me
that in january
i won't believe that it exists.
one of my friends can't bear these dead ones,
but i celebrate their short lives.
this small one above is 
so beautiful.
in the doings of people
the door is open and soon 
will be a place to live 
one half sheet of osamu mino heavy
manipulated and walnut treated 
then folded and joomchi-ed (sort of) 
looks like i need a few more
rounds of hand work.
therese inspired me to push this paper
the experiment will continue.
independence day
celebrating our interdependence.