rainy day

i love weather
the changes 
and these few pictures are NOT
are decidedly not what today is.
 anyway, fist cutting 
should be all done and gathered in
and new growth well underway
 but i loved these large square bales
(yes, i know they're not square)
taken in the early morning sunshine
all good farmers got in their hay
even this youngster
this is how things look today
 only more gray and less
as the rain decrees.
 practicing with a horn bag pattern,
and amused by how my understanding is
different from jean's 
but they all work out
maybe it's like the plethora of ways
to make a potholder or a needle book?
i'm putting the textblock together for this cover
 i stitched it to ecoprinted flax cave paper
this book will go 
to the morgan for a show
focused on eastern papermaking.