about longing and making

i love this photo of jennifer concentrating deeply 
as she begins to spin lokta thread, kami-ito.
her hands know so much
and weren't happy with the drop spindle
but she felt comfortable with the bobbin winder.
that's how it is 
i think,
as you make techniques and practices foreign to you
as you make them your own.
you juggle them and try to find the connection
and you know deeply when something 
resonates or fascinates or reminds 
creates longing and love in your heart.
over at terri windling's blog today
she wrote about mr finch's work and cs lewis.
and about longing.
while my work is not so much words, but images
and books, and textile,
i share that feeling. 
i want people to look and see and feel somehow
a longing.
it's that sort of day here today, 
rainy and contemplative,
my laundry got half dry before i took it down,
as the first drops began,
and hung it inside as i do in winter.
monica langwe shared this image today.
and i realize these books,
all of which i want to hold and read
longing, again, 
would likely be in a language unfathomable to me
and likely be
about something uninteresting as well.
there would be no lucy or peter or edmond or susan.
or narnia.
but there could be teaching in these bindings, 
the books themselves now taking on personality.
as below, the lamppost and the ladder are doing.
i have put my trust
in the natural world,
in the decay of summer leaves
and they are just beginning to turn
a touch of gold in the sugar maples
always the old, hurt trees show first.
and here,
in the studio
that today is my dining room
i am thinking of how to build a big 
how can one make sense of the longing
that fiber holds for some of us?
how image works in-- 
or of making paper, 
here of poplar seed fiber 
or of weaving paper into shifu
as yuko is doing here 
poplar seed pulp.
a gift, an experiment, a paper, a fiber.
a ramble today, my thoughts are moseying along.