book in hand

felicity sent me this image
and it's something i really love
so here it is for you, too.
 these two photos are me 
answering questions at revive and renew,
the talk just before the opening reception
tom and diane listen,
diane was one of our students who travelled with 
three (!) border collies
that i got way too little time with.
 behind tom is one half of my large piece
of printed awagami gregory kozo
and behind me is a piece by tatiana ginsberg, 
behind diane, one by pam mckee. 
the show was designed and hung
beautifully by the morgan's mason milani.
i'm still recovering from the trip, 
the bat,
(who tested negative for rabies)
and house and studio maintenance.
i did completely clean out a raised bed
at the new place
pulled out a LOT of weeds and roots and put in old manure
so a fall crop can be planted: 
spinach, four lettuces, kale and two rapes:
fall pleasure.