day two, yesterday

photos by jennifer
 aimee handing a large piece of denim 
she is "stationed at one end of a large table,
me at the other. 
in the blue bag is fresh indigo that bill brought in
we will do a fresh pot today. 
me handling a sheet of lokta, 
cut in wide strips and ready for the next steps before spinning.
we have made paper from flax, abaca, wild iris stalks and poplar seed fluff
the last two were experiments
we can take some risks in this class, which is wonderful!
we have made cords and lace and twisted kozo thread
we have processed pulp from beginning to end, done all the steps of papermaking,
we are tired, 
but good conversation,
good humor and camaraderie chocolate sustain us.
both of these photos are by jennifer coyne qudeen
who traveled all the way from connecticut 
to take our class.
we have students from the east coast, 
from around ohio, 
from new york and 
from ontario.
the level of interest in paper and fiber
is high, very high.
and we are all working hard.
today-shifu and dyeing and papermaking
look out, class!