blueberries and red cabbage

blueberries and red cabbage
 this is indeed something i don't usually do
reuse dye liquor or
throw in (aged and inedible) blueberries
or food
for that matter
but there was an excess, a lovely excess of purplyness
along with some red cabbage.
 it was my pot, 
my maine class.
and incredible energy.
i went back to school tuesday
my class doubled in size, 
and those newbies need totally different programming.
three grade levels.
we have a new room
with loads of space
and it's on the first floor!
(my knees thank the powers that be).
but oh, my, huge changes in two years...
thank goodness for the best assistant in the universe.
we are planning a bit of cooking and making
along with academics.
 there are a couple more of this edition
 of poplar covers
coptic bound contact printed books
still unbound, 
but waiting!
my edition binding friends tell me that it's
challenging to finish.
geesh! they're right!