september days shortening

 over at thee new place
arbor vitae shingles 
 the first books in my studio
 late fall greens: 
kale, lettuce, broccoli rape, spinach
 back home, 
the neighbor's harvest
 near their stripey roof
 asters and goldenrod
autumn neighbors
a light show nearby.
day three of students, check.
it's a busy and rich
group of students... very different
but good.
this coming weekend: a book arts event 
in maine, near new brunswick.
i forgot to mention monarchs--
it used to be that
you could see loose clouds of them
along my hedgerow
as they prepped for whatever migration they were on.
but lately there are few.
today i saw maybe ten which made my heart soar.
and when i saw two sky dancing 
in proximity, and,
well, i just had to dance a little myself.