signs and wonders

melissa put me on to this
review written by ann starr 
revive and renew, 
the morgan show i was part of,
all of us working in/with eastern paper.
thank you ann!
i'm proud to have my
work included
in a stellar group of paper artists.
yesterday i had to go
unexpectedly to the dentist mid-morning
(another broken tooth)
so i took a back way and 
encountered five deer, two does, three fawns,
on the road. 
they were fine until they became nervous and they all panicked.
like wildfire fear flashed, 
one ran directly off the asphalt and into a marsh--
a wild leap and a huge splash!
i've never seen such a thing!
the deer right here
is very used to people
 but did get nervous.
it's the edge of autumn and they are twitchy.
 so are the clouds
and the sky
and there was hard frost before work
 i couldn't catch it,
but it was glowing and steaming in places
 and there was evidence in at home in my library
of mouse wantonness. 
right in the middle of the floor! 
there was knocked down a little gift from carol
scattered bits of red clover about!
 very strange, indeed.
and then i found another wonder--
 a black eyed susan that had three eyes, 
and two sets of petals, 
and one stem!
signs and wonders
are here.
time to make some art! quick,
before the magic fails!