an honorable harvest

sunny quaking aspen
nine for a friend.
i listened to this lecture this week: 
(i sadly missed it "in person")

autumn cow pasture 
about the honorable harvest.
it's happening here
i see amish neighbors
bringing in hay and corn using their big horses.
the gardens are mostly asleep
(you may remember what happened to mine)
but my friends are still eating
fall bounty.
my backyard and overgrown meadow 
i am harvesting from my friends 
the weeds,
and i find myself 
doing what dr. kimmerer suggests:
introducing myself
asking to share
and sharing what i make
with others.
it's surprisingly comfortable, appropriate
to say
hello, please, and thankyou
to wild grapevine.
 a few little grapes.
 the medicines at your feet,
 sumac, prunus, goldenrod, wild grape,
 common weed plants.
and a few pieces of aluminum, copper, and 
"hard" well water
an honorable harvest.
for beauty
and for the knowledge of books.