book boxes

i learned to make a clamshell book box from
keith smith
at visual studies workshop.
then, years later,
i purchased gary frost's 
board book and mahdar kit.
i made one, then i made another couple,
and i bought a bunch of kits
to teach kids an illuminated journal workshop.
hedi kyle taught me to make a wunderkabinet, 
that was years ago.
you have to practice this sort of thing.
when made my edition of two books last year,
november song,
i had the amazing mark thomlinson make boxes for them.
worth every penny and the wait.
and today i found these 
book boxes.
on facebook.

unbelievable treats. 
posted by monica langwe and eden workshops.
can you imagine how precious a book would be to have such a container?
or how about the book being a container and the box 
containing the container...
and here's a third, from eden workshops
on facebook this morning.