the honorable harvest has been much on my mind
 and this weekend i found myself marveling
over these seedheads
black eyed susans
lots of seeds to feed this little one,
and i almost missed it.
  old/new tub spent two years outdoors and has ecoprints
it's actually quite clean and shiny.
 around here you can be looking for stuff
 just walking
and you catch a cliff 
out of the corner of your eye
like this one.
i once watched a young man, sam,
spider himself up a far higher cliff.
i was in "charge" of him.
thankfully his skill
was exquisite,
as he crowned that cliff
waved hi to me.
 i've found a very intimate field
on my way home form work.
an amish place, 
small fields.
you know how when you ride a horse, 
or drive a team
or hike often
over a field
how well you get to know it?
i love that.
i was taking this sneaky photo
and then moved forward, 
and there was a young amish man, watching me, intently,
as i watch his corn ladies!