i will admit my chagrin
when i opened the work table drawer
amidst the measuring tools, the binding threads
the plastic bags saved for reuse
a little mouse had made ready for winter.
 the seed cache was lovely
but the mice in this old farmhouse
keep me constantly on my toes.
 and the rabbits at the new place
helped themselves to the garden
less than 24 hours before we picked 
for a special supper for visiting children...
 stems left, mostly.
last night
i had one tiny bite
of wild woodcock
eating from the land.
returning later to add this:
my first known bite was not a connect
and i took three more off my body.
after the first frost
is apparently the worst time for ticks.
 i was shocked today to see this daylily
and took home the spent blossom
for bundling into the latest batch of contact prints.
while working away this afternoon, 
more tooth broke.
dentist tomorrow.